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Huangshan City is a region with a long history and splendid cultures. Shexian and Yixian Counties were established more than 2,000 years ago. In the Jin Dynasty (265-420) Huangshan City was called Xin'an Shire. Until the Song Dynasty (960-1279) when the name was changed to Huizhou, the city was famed for Hui businessmen, Hui carvings, Xin'an school of painting, Xin'an medicine, Hui architecture, Hui cuisine, and Hui opera (one of the tonalities of Beijing Opera). Also notable are the scenic spots of Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) - a key point of interest in ancient China, the Tangyue Memorial Archway, the Tunxi Ancient Street and the ancient villages of Yixian County . Historians at home and abroad regard Huangshan City as a natural history and culture museum of China.

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HS-1: 2 Days Natural Wonders of Huangshan

from $ 359
Tourist Class
(2-5 persons)
  • Duration: 2 Day
  • Attractions: Huangshan mountain, Hongcun Village

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